PUBG PC Lite highly compressed game download

PUBG PC Lite highly compressed download

Basic details of PUBG PC Lite highly compressed

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. The game is based on previous mods that were created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene for other games, inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale, and expanded into a standalone game under Green’s creative direction.

The reasons behind making PUBG PC Lite are many things. Like,
  1. It is absolutely free to download and play
  2. No more TENCENT GAMING BUDDY (The official emulator for PUBG Mobile)
  3. It can be run in low specs PCs also
  4. Superb graphics though it is lite
  5. Amazing gameplay

The game is quite large to download at once. That’s why I have made parts or highly compressed parts for convenient downloading.
PUBG PC Lite highly compressed download.
[Free on PC]
PUBG PC Lite is free for your PC, with stunning graphics and amazing gameplay.

Minimum System Requirements

  1. OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 64bit
  2. CPU: Core i3, 2.4GHz
  3. RAM: 4GB
  4. GPU: DirectX 11 Intel HD Graphics 4000
  5. HDD: 4GB

Recommended System Requirements

  1. OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 64bit
  2. CPU: Core i5, 2.8GHz
  3. RAM: 8GB
  4. GPU: DirectX 11 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
  5. HDD: 4GB

Compression Details

  • Original Size: 4.4GB
  • Compressed Parts: 7
  • Size of each part: 600MB
  • File Type: Highly Compressed RAR fill

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Installation Instructions

Read this carefully or else you will not able to play the game
  • Download all the parts and put them in the same folder
  • Extract them at once
  • You’ll find a folder named “PUBGLite
  • Go into that folder
  • Inside that folder, you’ll find a folder named same as the previous folder name
  • Cut that folder that containing files for PUBG PC lite
  • Now, Download PUBG launcher from here
  • Install that launcher
  • Set the default path for downloading and hit “Start Download”
  • After 10-12 seconds of downloading Cancel that download
  • Go to that Installation folder
  • You will find the same folder name as the previous folder that you’ve cut
  • Replace the folder with your cut folder
  • Close everything
  • Run PUBG launcher from desktop
  • You will find Start Game
  • Enjoy the game

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBGM) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. The game is based on previous mods that were created by Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene for other games, inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale, and expanded into a standalone game under Greene's creative direction. In the game, up to one hundred players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves. The available safe area of the game's map decreases in size over time, directing surviving players into tighter areas to force encounters. The last player or team standing wins the round.

Battlegrounds is one of the best-selling and most-played video games of all time, selling over fifty million copies worldwide by June 2018, with over 400 million players in total when including the mobile version.Battlegrounds received positive reviews from critics, who found that while the game had some technical flaws, it presented new types of gameplay that could be easily approached by players of any skill level and was highly replayable. The game was attributed to popularizing the battle royale genre, with a number of unofficial Chinese clones also being produced following its success. The game also received several Game of the Year nominations, among other accolades. PUBG Corporation has run several small tournaments and introduced in-game tools to help with broadcasting the game to spectators, as they wish for it to become a popular esport. The game has also banned in some countries, such as India, Nepal and Iraq, for allegedly being harmful and addictive for children in those regions.

Download PUBG Pc Free Highly Compressed Released on 20 December 2017 world wide. PUBG Game Download released as PUBG Microsoft Windows For Pc, PUBG Xbox One, PUBG Android For Mobile, PUBG iOS Version and PUBG PlayStation 4 version. The Game Download Free PUBG was fist released for as PUBG Microsoft Windows For Pc via Steam early access beta program in March 2017. PUBG Mobile version as PUBG Android and PUBG iOS released in 2018. Game PUBG Download Free For Pc is the one of the best selling video game of all time.

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PUBG Download Free Full Highly Compressed Pc Gameplay

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground PUBG is a battlefield player versus player shooting video game. Over one hundred players can fight in a battle royale. It also called as a large scale one man standing death match where the players fight to kill other while survive and stand alive last. PUBG Best Setting For Pc players can choose to enter in the match solo or with a small team of upto four people. In the both cases the last person or the last team left alive win the PUBG Download Match.
PUBG For Pc Game Free Download Highly Compressed Full Version starts with players parachuting from a plane onto the map.  The map area of PUBG Game Download Pc is approximately 8 x 8 kilometers in size. In each round the plane’s flight is different across the map. And PUBG Game Players have to determine quickly the best time to parachute to the ground. One the player land on the ground they search the buildings, ghost towns and other places on the map to search the weapon, vehicle, armor and other battle equipment.
At the beginning of PUBG Pc Game Match these equipment are distributed on different places on the map. The heavily risk area in PUBG Game Torrent Download have more better battle equipment. The players also can get weapons with killing the other players. PUBG Highly Compressed Pc also allow the choice to the players to play as the first person perspective of the third person perspective. Each option has own advantage and disadvantages.
PUBG Free Full Pc Gameplay
In PUBG Free Download Pc Torrent area shrinks after few minutes and the players outside this area has to reach in the safe zone to survive. The players outside this safe zone take the damage and eliminated if they did not enter the safe zone. During the game a boundary as a shimmering blue wall appears that contracts over time. It results in more confined map and increase the chances of encounters.
During different points in PUBG Pc Free Download Gameplay some map regions get highlighted red and bombed after few seconds. If the players are in this area they get killed. Some times the plane fly over many parts of the map and drop loot package. It contains some unique items which can not be obtained during the normal gameplay. These packages features highly visible red smoke, drawing interested players near it and creating further confrontations. A full round of PUBG Download Free Pc Laptop a single round takes an average of 30 minutes to complete.
After the completion of every PUBG Torrent Free For Pc round the players awarded in game currency based on how long the player survived. And how many other players killed, or how much damage get from other players during the gameplay. This PUBG Pc Game Download currency used to purchase cosmetic items for weapons or characters. An Event Mode also added in PUBG Download Free  which change the normal game rules like establishing large teams, and altering the distribution of weapons or armor across the game map.

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PUBG Download Free Full Highly Compressed Pc Reception

PUBG Pc Download Free Full Highly Compressed generally received very favorable reviews from the critics. On Metacritic PUBG For Pc Microsoft Windows version get 86/100 points. While PUBG For Android iOS version get 82/100 points. GameSpot awarded PUBG Game Download Free a score of 8/10. IGN gave PUBG Pc Torrent Download a score of 9.5/10.
PUBG For Pc Download Free Full Highly Compressed made US $ 11 million in just three days of its Windows early access release. On the other hand after the second week of April 2017 PUBG Game For Pc Laptop sold over one million copies. Till May 2017 PUBG Mobile Apk Download Free Highly Compressed sold over two million copies with a gross revenue of US $ 60 million. In the fist three months PUBG Free Download Full Highly Compressed Pc Game sold over five million copies with sale of US $ 100 million.  PUBG Free Game Download sold over forty million copies across all platforms and over 87 million players averaging daily with over 400 million players in total. Meanwhile PUBG Free Download For Mobile version had over 100 million downloads till August 2018.
Further it also nominated for many game awards. Therefore it won many of the gaming awards. Meanwhile PUBG Mobile  Download For Pc Free Full Game Torrent won Best Multiplayer Game Award. And also Pc Game Of The Year Award in 2017 at 35th Golden Joystick Awards. On the other hand At The Game Awards 2017 PUBG Pc Download Free won Best Multiplayer award. Similarly, PUBG Lite Game Free For Pc won “Action Game Of The Year”, “Outstanding Achievement In Online Gameplay”, “Esports Game Of The Year”. “Excellence in Multiplayer”, “Trending Game Of The Year”. And PuBG Mobile Won ” Mobile Game Of The Year” awards in year 2018.
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Battlegrounds is a player versus player shooter game in which up to one hundred players fight in a battle royale, a type of large-scale last man standing deathmatch where players fight to remain the last alive. Players can choose to enter the match solo, duo, or with a small team of up to four people. The last person or team alive wins the match.Each match starts with players parachuting from a plane onto one of the four maps, with areas of approximately 8 × 8 kilometres (5.0 × 5.0 mi), 6 × 6 kilometres (3.7 × 3.7 mi), and 4 × 4 kilometres (2.5 × 2.5 mi) in size.The plane's flight path across the map varies with each round, requiring players to quickly determine the best time to eject and parachute to the ground.Players start with no gear beyond customized clothing selections which do not affect gameplay. Once they land, players can search buildings, ghost towns and other sites to find weapons, vehicles, armor, and other equipment. These items are procedurally distributed throughout the map at the start of a match, with certain high-risk zones typically having better equipment.Killed players can be looted to acquire their gear as well.Players can opt to play either from the first-person or third-person perspective, each having their own advantages and disadvantages in combat and situational awareness; though server-specific settings can be used to force all players into one perspective to eliminate some advantages.Every few minutes, the playable area of the map begins to shrink down towards a random location, with any player caught outside the safe area taking damage incrementally, and eventually being eliminated if the safe zone is not entered in time; in game, the players see the boundary as a shimmering blue wall that contracts over time.This results in a more confined map, in turn increasing the chances of encounters.During the course of the match, random regions of the map are highlighted in red and bombed, posing a threat to players who remain in that area.In both cases, players are warned a few minutes before these events, giving them time to relocate to safety.At random, a plane will fly over various parts of the playable map and drop a loot package, containing items which are typically unobtainable during normal gameplay. These packages emit highly visible red smoke, drawing interested players near it and creating further confrontations.On average, a full round takes no more than 30 minutes.At the completion of each round, players gain in-game currency based on their performance. The currency is used to purchase crates which contain cosmetic items for character or weapon customization.A rotating "event mode" was added to the game around March 2018. These events change up the normal game rules, such as establishing larger teams or squads, or altering the distribution of weapons and armor across the game map

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